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Featured in Nail Up! March 2020

In this issue, Nail Up! featured the international nail scene and this section was about Nail Wonderland's role as PREGEL Japan's official Singapore distributor, as well as our work in nail education.

  • The Japanese description talks about how Nail Wonderland is active in inviting talented and popular educators from all over the world to teach seminars in Singapore, and our students are also very international. Apart from Singaporeans, we also have students from Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc, coming to learn about the latest trends and techniques and to perfect their basic techniques.
  • As the official Singapore distributor for PREGEL Japan, Nail Wonderland also has a deep understanding of PREGEL products and produces interesting and informative content to promote the use of PREGEL products in Singapore. We frequently organise fun-filled events and our educators and sales consultants are all nailists with vast experience and knowledge of the products.
  • As for our Principal Educator Ying, the article highlights her dedication to quality teaching and learning, ensuring that students are equipped with solid foundation skills while constantly innovating and integrating new techniques and knowledge into the curriculum.
Thank you to PREGEL Japan and Nail Up! magazine for featuring Nail Wonderland in March 2020 issue!