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Principal Educator YING

YING joined the nail industry in 2010 after 7 years in service as an MOE Teaching Scholar in Singapore's secondary schools.

Apart from heading our education team and curriculum planning, she is also the Art Director of The Nail Artelier, one of Singapore's premier nail art salons, and has worked extensively with international brands and celebrities in Singapore and overseas. Her work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and television programmes in Singapore, Japan and USA.

Apart from being an award-winning nailist, she has also obtained the highest grade of all JNEC Nailist Certification Exams and JNA Gel Nail Exams, and is Singapore's leading PREGEL Japan Educator, churning out original artworks with her signature creative yet wearable style.


YING teaches the following classes:

  • Basic Manicure and Salon Art Course
  • Advanced Manicure Preparation & E-File Course
  • Perfect Overlay Course
  • PREGEL Second Course
  • Forming Gel Seminar
  • JNEC Exam Prep Course
  • Abstract Marble Art Seminar
  • Basic Watercolor Art Seminar
  • Advanced Watercolor Art Seminar
  • Alcohol Ink Art Seminar
  • Floral Art Seminar
  • Salon Art Seminar
  • Bijou Deco All-in-One Seminar
  • Oriental Art Seminar
  • Oriental Blooms Art Seminar