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Salon Management Course


Course Introduction:

This course is suitable for anyone who is considering operating a nail salon, whether as a private nail salon at home, a commercial nail salon with a team of nailists, or other variations in nail salon structure, and wishes to be more well-prepared and informed before taking the plunge to start a business.

Learn the types of salon structure and weigh their pros and cons to find the best fit for your risk appetite, budget and long-term plans.

What will you need to start and operate your own nail salon?

Apart from registering your business, you will need to understand the costs involved so you can plan your budget. Learn about the difference between startup costs and operating costs, as well as fixed and variable costs.

There are many administrative aspects to running a business. We will cover areas such as accounting, marketing, appointment scheduling, customer service, and staffing.

Course Fee:

$288/pax or $250/pax for 2 pax registering together

Includes special 20% storewide discount (one-time use, valid for 6 months, not stackable with other promotions) for purchasing your nail supplies to start a salon!


    Course Content:

    We will focus on how you can maximise profit by:

    • Reducing costs by leveraging on 3rd party platforms/apps that provide easy of use and are free or budget-friendly, so you can choose between outsourcing tasks or doing them yourself.
    • Increasing revenue by marketing to the right crowd, planning promotions, finding the optimum pricing for your services, etc.
    • Grow your customer base and retain customers by developing a niche, speciality services, and improving service quality.
    • Avoiding pitfalls such as accounting mistakes when selling packages (one of the top reasons why salons go out of business!).

      Understanding what kind of customer you would like to attract is important so you can choose the right location, ambiance, products, services, etc in order to appeal to the right crowd. How different is the taste and spending power of the clientele when you operate from industrial estates vs shopping malls vs shophouses vs residential areas?


    Course Duration:

    6 hours, with an additional lunch break in between


        How To Register/Enquire:

        DM us on instagram @nailwonderlandsg or WhatsApp us at 86840617

        * Please note that all our courses are NOT claimable with SkillsFuture credits