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Educator ELLY

ELLY has been in the nail industry since 2013, specialising in Japanese style nail art and techniques.

As a nailist, she pays great attention to detail and achieving a beautiful result is important to her. Foundational skills like shaping and cuticle care are often overlooked, but ELLY always strives for perfection in all aspects of her work. She finds great satisfaction in conducting nail makeovers for her clients, transforming their nails from unkempt, overgrown cuticles and uneven shapes to a clean canvas with a beautifully painted finish.

ELLY's quest for excellence has led her to pursue various nail licenses in Japan. She has successfully obtained the highest grade of the JNEC Nailist Certification Exams, and is also a licensed PREGEL Japan Educator. Her perfectionism as a nailist also carries over to her teaching style, as she is meticulous in sharing her experience and tips with students, explaining in detail for better understanding.

ELLY teaches our PREGEL First Course, Electric Drill Manicure Seminar, Japanese Cuticle Care Course, and Detailing Art Seminar. She is also available for private lessons and small classes (subject to availability).